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Savage Republic – Exodus

While Bruce Licher’s Independent Project Records jumped back into live during the last years with impressive actions involving all social media channels and publishing new material in famously handcrafted and printed designs the 2nd incarnation of Savage Republic which started back in 2002 after regrouping to promote the Complete Studio Box Set Reissue of the Albums and Singles up to Customs seems to be fizzling out now.. a mere 20 years and and another 4 Studio Albums later.

A new live album is annocunced via Gustaff Records from Poland recorded during their last European tour which ended as recent as of this January while a recording of the first incarnation as Africa Corps was already issued via IPR in late 2022.

Alongside this video of the title track from their most recent album Thom Fuhrmann announced that he quit in early August.

This leaves Ethan Port of Mobilization and F-SPACE as the longest serving member (since 1985) together with Kerry Downling and Alan Waddington most likely in an unfortunate position as Thom F. had taken over most lead vocals and guitars during the last years.
We’ll see if there will be more to come or not. Any incarnation of the band had a good run and an impressing output over the years so for now: thanks a lot guys.